Bullard 88VX3230 Respirator With 46Vx Nylon Cape - 28"


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Bullard 88Vx3230 Respirator With 46Vx Nylon Cape - 28" Le Ea

The Bullard 88VX Series airline respirators offer advancements in comfort and reliable respiratory protection for abrasive blasters. The 88VX Respirator is NIOSH approved as a Type C and CE Continuous Flow Class Respirator (Approval No. TC-19C-293). Package includes Hood (complete), Breathing Air Hose and Cape.

CO Monitor Required: OSHA requires Grade D quality breathing air and NIOSH-approved Type CE continuous-flow supplied-air respirators for abrasive blast operators. OSHA regulations call for a maximum exposure limit to carbon monoxide of 10 parts per million (ppm).