CS Unitec PTX Pneumatic Surface Finisher LP 1503 AIR

CS Unitec

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  • CS Unitec
  • Perfect for industrial (brush) finish and mirror finish without shadows or transitions on stainless steel sheets and pipes. Kit includes cleaning and protecting agents.
  • The powerful LP 1503 AIR grinding and polishing machine produces a uniform finish fast and easy without leaving visible transitions and shadows. It is compact; lightweight and heavy duty. Ideal for graining; polishing; brushing; blending; deburring; cleaning welds; roughing and more. Easily achieve a #3; #4 or #8 finish. A wide speed range; high torque and a comprehensive line of accessories make this an essential tool for continuous-duty surface finishing.
  • Order number: LP 1503 AIR
  • Load speed: 2500 RPM 
  • Motor: 1 HP (1/2" Air Connection)
  • Air consumption: 20 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Standard equipment: 4" Interleaf (combi) wheel P/N 47312
  • Shaft Adapter P/N 42004