Grizzly Industrial 50” Deluxe Heavy Duty Shear T10717

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This 50" Deluxe Foot Shear has 7/16" thick blades, 0"–35" front scale length, and 0"–24" rear stop scale length with dual locks and micro-adjustable dials. Will cut a maximum of 16-gauge mild steel at half width & 18-gauge at full width. The shear head sliding rails feature fully adjustable gib plates. The lower blade is bed adjusting and the upper blade is adjustable with a truss rod.


  • Maximum working width: 50"
  • Maximum sheet metal thickness: 16-gauge mild steel at half width & 18-gauge mild steel at full width
  • Maximum clamping beam lift: 2"
  • Front stop scale range: 0-35"
  • Overall dimensions: 62-1/2" wide x 39-1/2" high x 72" deep
  • Approximate shipping weight: 848 lbs.