Palmgren 6-Inch Pneumatic/Hydraulic Machine Vise


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Palmgren Pneumatic/Hydraulic Actuated Machine Vises with booster are the perfect solution for high volume runs where workpiece changeout time is critical. These vises give the user the ability to choose the exact clamping pressure via an internal air regulator. With its push button activation, the vise can be quickly opened and closed allowing for quick and easy workpiece changeout.

  • Pattened pneumatic control that uses hydraulic fluid and pressurized air to consistently actuate the vise
  • Pattened dual-force pressure cylinder creates high thrust for increased clamping pressure
  • Equipped with Dual Force Anti-Lift Mechanism
  • Lead screw cover to prevent wear from chip build up
  • Reciprocating air pressure motor automatically clamps workpiece maintaining continuous clamping force
  • Parallelism of vise base to bed of 0 0004"
  • Squareness from the bed to jaw face 0 0006"
  • Parallelism of keyways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face 0 0006"
  • Increased opening capacity compared to same style vises
  • Ergonomic hand wheel to preset vise depth
  • Air pressure setting allows the user to control the vise clamping pressure in infinite increments
  • Push button clamping action allows for quick and repeatable clamping
  • Vise can be clamped horizontally and vertically without the need of tombstones or fixturing
  • 80,000 PSI Ductile iron Castings prevent vise bending