Palmgren 6-Inch Hydraulic Exra Capacity Machine Vise


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Palmgren Dual Force Hydraulic Extra Capacity Machine Vises are built for use on all sizes of CNC machines. With their mechanical booster, these vises have rapid closing capabilities and can achieve high clamping pressures. Palmgren Dual Force Hydraulic Machine Vises give users the capability of opening and closing multiple vises at the same time. The vises are the perfect solution for full production shops and can be mounted parallel to each other for high throughput machining. With the addition of an optional Air-Actuated Hydraulic Booster (9625953) these vises can be connected directly to machining center airline connections allowing for full automation of the vises.

  • Improved hydraulic pump allows for greater clamping force
  • Equipped with Dual Force anti-lift mechanism
  • Lead screw cover to prevent wear from chip build up
  • Hardened jaw plates
  • Hardened vise bed
  • Parallelism of vise base to bed of 0 0004"
  • Squareness from the bed to jaw face 0 0006"
  • Parallelism of keyways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face 0 0006"
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron castings prevent vise bending
  • Extra wide opening to hold larger workpieces