Baileigh Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Shear Sh-5203-Hd-Nc

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Built for years of heavy cutting, this numerically controlled shear makes industrial production runs more efficient. Blade gap and rake angle adjustment ensure high cut quality.

  • These hydraulic sheet metal shears cut up to 52”-wide sheet metal.
  • Maximum capacity of ¼” mild steel.
  • 15 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Upper blade carriage that rides in a 3-axis bearing housing.
  • Heavy-duty precision ground and hardened rail system gives you unbeatable accuracy and long blade life.
  • Front and rear supports and side guides help you keep material square to the blade.
  • Roller infeed table makes it easy to maneuver heavy plate steel for the next cut.
  • 8 hydraulic hold-downs provide 3.2 tons of pressure each, preventing sheet metal from lifting.
  • Programmable quick-change backgauge rides on a screwball rail system with a positioning encoder.
  • Switch between 3 modes as needed:
    • Jog mode: Inching the blade down to the material.
    • Single cycle mode: One cut for one pedal push.
    • Automatic cycling mode: Continuously cutting for production runs.
  • Piece counter makes it simpler to do production runs.
  • Remote operator control pendant houses an E-Stop button and foot pedal controls.
  • Simple handle lets you adjust the blade gap in seconds to avoid crimping or folding, particularly with thinner material.
  • Adjustable rake angle can change for your material thickness, giving you cleaner cuts and reducing strain on the hydraulics.
  • It’s simple to set the rake angle: just hit a button, move the lever, and a light goes on when you reach the correct angle.
  • High carbon chromium blades that have several edges (2 on top, 4 on bottom), so you can flip them several times before you need to resharpening.
  • Shadow light stretches the entire length of the web width for proper placement of the beginning of the cut, for those one-off shearing requirements.
  • Fully welded plate steel framework maintains stability, reduces flex, and minimizes burr.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • We stock blades and replacement parts at our Wisconsin warehouse; we can ship them out quickly.
  • Our team of Baileigh reps, all with hands-on metalworking experience, are here to provide lifetime technical support by phone.



Item Number SH-5203-HD-NC
Motor Hp 15
Blade Rake Angle .5 to 2.0 degrees
Back Gauge Length 23.62"
Shear Length 52"
Strokes Per Minute 30 - 42
Front Gauge Length 39.37"
Blade Angle 2-Jan
Blade Gap Adjustment Manual, Lever Acuated
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 5820lbs
Minimum Material Thickness 24ga
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 90x73x68