Baileigh R-H85E Double Pinch Roll Bender

Baileigh Industrial

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This hydraulic double-pinch roll bender reduces material waste and cuts down on bend time.


  • Baileigh ring roller runs on 220-volts 3-phase power.
  • Bends up to 3” schedule 40 pipe and 3.375” x 3.375” x .25" angle iron.
  • All 3 rolls, 1 fixed top roll and 2 bottom rolls, driven by industrial-grade hydraulic transmission with independent hydraulic cylinders.
  • Digital readout programmers let you monitor the exact encoder-specified positions of each roll.
  • You can easily input programmable stops or adjust roll positions from the movable podium control.
  • Convenient foot pedals, located at podium base, stop and start roll bender in reverse and forward modes.
  • Manually adjustable lateral angle guides help bend material to a wide range of coil widths.
  • To accommodate longer pieces of material, you can safely tip the machine onto its back in horizontal mode.
  • Includes a set of hardened segmented rolls that can handle diverse profiles.
  • Fully-welded steel plate framework gives this hydraulic roll bender the strength to bend at full capacity, day in, day out, for years, and deliver accurate results.
Item Number R-H85E
Driven Rolls 3
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Pipe Capacity Size: 3" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 68"
Round Tube Capacity Size: 4" (.120") / Min. Dia: 118"
Square Tube Capacity Size: 2.75" (.157") / Min. Dia: 118"
Solid Square Capacity Size: 2.375" / Min. Dia. 46"
Solid Round Capacity Size: 2.375" / Min. Dia. 40"
Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 5" (1") / Min. Dia. 24"
Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 4" (.787") / Min. Dia. 83"
Shaft Diameter 3.15"
Upper Roll Dia. 9.65"
Lower Roll Dia. 9.65"
Speed 5.2 rpm.
Motor 10.5 hp.
Pinch Double
Digital Readout Yes
Power 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 3550lbs
Material Type All Specs based on 60,000 PSI (42 Kg/mm 2) Tensile Strength – Mild Steel.