Baileigh TN-700 - Tube and Pipe Notcher

Baileigh Industrial

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The TN-700 Tube and Pipe Notcher is a great alternative to tying up your vertical mill with that pesky tube and pipe notching.

  • Made in the USA.
  • 2 hp motor runs on 115-volt power. You can operate it almost anywhere, including in the field.
  • Notches up to 60°.
  • Inverter driven variable speeds allow for the optimum milling speed that balances cutting power with long machine life and low wear and tear.
  • Digital readout for RPM, included
  • Included speed chart helps dial the perfect speed for your cut.
  • Vise adjusts in just about every way possible, featuring X- and Y-axis control to ensure a good cutting position.
  • Degree or angle-finder makes it simple to check the angle and ensure repeatability.
  • If you want a more traditional notch, the cam lock enables you to set your degrees; just move it in either direction to angle the notch.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron framework reduces vibration, prolongs machine life, and delivers more accurate results.
  • Optional portable cart with wheels, so that when you’re not using the TN-700 you can roll it out of the way.

Recommended for: Structural work, racing and off-road chassis, steam pipe, and many more applications.

Item Number TN-700
Country of Manufacture United States
Speed Control Inverter
Speed Range 40 to 230 rpm
Shank Hole 1.25"
Motor 2 hp
Mill Speed Variable rpm
Notching Capacity (OD) .5" - 2.5" with optional end mills
Angle Adjustment 0 – 60°
Digital Readout Yes, for rpm
Power 115V
Shipping Weight 340 lbs