Cmt 800.510.11 5 Piece Complete Kitchen Router Bit Set

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    Our sets aren’t just a random selection of odds and ends bits packaged in a box to look nice - the CMT Complete Kitchen set is a professional drawer and door makers kit. We give you three sets to choose from for the profiles you prefer. Each set includes your choice of raised panel bit and Rail and Stile bit plus a glue joint and drawer lock bit.
    CMT orange router bits have been rated the #1 overall router bits compared to other brands (Wood Magazine).  CMT orange router bits utilize the highest quality bar stock sourced from Switzerland.  Premium grade sinterhip hi-density industrial chrome carbide helps prevent material failure and increase cutting life.  And finallly, a non-stick orange shield coating prevents heat buildup and corrosion providing for longer router bit life.  


      855.501.11 - 2 flute reverse glue joint bit, 1/2" shank for 19/32" to 1-3/16" stock


      855.502.11 - drawer lock bit, 1/2" shank


      890.502.11 - raised panel bit, 15 deg. bevel profile-(B) 3-1/4" diam, 1/2" shank


    891.502.11 - 2-pc stile and rail set, round over profile-(B) , 1/2" shank