Knuth 2HP KHP 40 NC Horizontal Bending and Straightening Press 130611


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The KHP 40 NC bending and straightening press series is equipped with a punch and a die with a height of 160 mm (6.3 in). Thin sheet metal strips and thicker flat steel can be processed particularly easily. The pressing force is adjustable, and a pressure gauge shows the current bending pressure. The depth stop is set using the touchscreen display. Operation is via a safety foot switch. This machine is also interesting for users who do not want to retool their press brake or who do not want to load it with short pieces.


  • The horizontal bending and straightening press features a powerful hydraulic drive plus a stamp and a die for machining up to 6.3" wide flat material
  • The large, very rigid support table provides superior structural strength
  • Long, supporting, hardened bending die guideways with central lubrication system
  • The large mount for the bending v-block is anchored to the table for maximum rigidity
  • An adjustable side stop simplifies workpiece positioning
  • The powerful hydraulic system can be regulated via pressure and flow valves, allowing the user to control the pressing force according to requirements
  • The integrated pressure gauge provides an exact indication of the current bending force
  • All functions are shown on the touchscreen display
  • The user can select either Setup Mode or Machining Mode
  • In Setup Mode, the depth stop position and the starting point position can be determined and entered
  • Additionally, the user can individually define the point for the change-over from rapid feed to work feed
  • In Machining Mode, the operation is controlled via a safety foot switch
  • Female die with 60 mm (2.36 in.) width
  • Control panel with touchscreen display
  • Pressure gauge for bending force
  • Operation via foot switch

Standard Equipment

  • Upper tool 60°, 6.3 x 3.46"
  • Bending die, 3.15" opening width
  • Central lubrication
  • Touchscreen operator panel with foot switch
  • Side gauge 21.65"
  • Operator instructions


  • Working Area
    • Pressure force: 44 t
    • Return speed: 0.85”/s
    • Table size (L x W): 41” x 24”
    • Hydraulic pressure max.: 3770 psi
    • Y-axis stroke: 10”
    • Piston diam.: 2”
    • Bending speed: 0.1”/s
  • Drive Capacity
    • Motor rating main drive: 2 Hp
  • Measures and Weights
    • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 62” x 32” x 54”
    • Weight: 1,496 lbs.