Knuth 3HP 83” RBM 20/06 NC Teach-In Hydraulic 4-Roller Roll Bending Machine 131902


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RBM is a series of 4-roll bending machines that are particularly suited for large sheet metal thicknesses. The advantage of this design is that the bending process is done in one operation. The NC control also enables the work steps carried out to be saved and automatically repeated. Special features such as conical bending can be controlled via the control panel. This means that the models in this series can be used for a wide range of applications in shipbuilding, steel, and container construction.


  • Massive machine frame, based on an advanced design and many years of experience
  • Hydraulic safety chuck for easy removal of the part
  • Roller feed and adjustment of parallelism and taper at the control panel
  • All rollers are hardened and equipped with precision bearings
  • Hydraulically driven top and bottom rollers
  • Hydraulic components from Parker / Bosch
  • Electric components from Siemens and Telemanique
  • Minimum bending diameter = 3 x Ø of the top roller

Standard Equipment

  • NC-Teach-In control
  • Hardened rollers
  • Conical bending feature
  • Digital display
  • Control panel
  • Operator manual

Controls & Software

  • Playback programming: This programming feature allows you to easily repeat a bending process. The initial bending process must be performed manually and saved step-by-step. For the next machining process, you merely retrieve the saved program, and the bending process will be performed automatically.
  • Direct programming: This feature allows the direct input of coordinates and is intended for experienced operators and tested machining processes.


  • Working Area
    • Plate thickness (max.): 0.24”
    • Working length: 83”
    • Max. plate thickness for bending: 0.16”
    • Upper roll diameter: 6”
    • Lower roll diameter: 6”
    • Side roll diameter: 5”
  • Drive Capacity
    • Motor rating hydraulic pump: 3 Hp
  • Measures and Weights
    • Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 163” x 45” x 41”
    • Weight: 5,104 lbs.


  • 133900 – Material Feed Table
  • 133901 – Side Support
  • 133903 – Infinitely Variable Rotation Speed
  • 133902 – Center Support