Knuth 5.4HP SSB 60 F Super VT Drill Press w/ Touchscreen Control Panel 101672


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The drilling machines of the SSB F 60 Super VT series are the servo-conventional solution for every workshop. This machine offers an electronically controlled servo quill feed with a large touchscreen operating display, which also supports the user in selecting the correct machining parameters. Feed and speed are infinitely variable. The entire design of the machine is very solid, and the drilling performance is superior. This drilling machine is ideal for single and small series production, especially in the maintenance of large systems and in steel construction and workshops.

Ideal for drilling, countersinking, reaming, and tapping

  • Heavy construction with thick-walled column
  • Base, column, table, and gear head are made of premium high-quality cast iron
  • Large drill press table with circumferential coolant groove and ± 45° swivel range
  • Table height adjustment via a powerful motorized drive
  • Auxiliary gears of main spindle drive run in an oil-bath
  • Easy handling of the machine ensures effortless operation in a production environment
  • Thread-cutting feature is standard

Electronically controlled servo quill feed with large touchscreen display

  • The 12.1” color touchscreen conveniently displays all functions and features a rugged, resistant touch panel
  • No programming skills are required for the modern, patented control system
  • The infinitely variable spindle speed can be controlled at the display and is easy to read
  • The control system assists the operator with the selection of the correct rpm and feed speed
  • The system recommends cutting parameters based on bore diameter and material, which also may be accepted automatically
  • An AC servo motor drives the automatic quill feed speed, which can be infinitely adjusted and read at the display
  • The depth stop is set electronically at the display
  • Upon reaching the preselected drilling depth, the quill automatically returns to the starting position
  • Drilling depth positioning accuracy is about 0.004"
  • Easy to program chip breaking function increases process safety
  • Measuring units for input and display can be selected by the operator (mm or inch)
  • Various alarm screens warn the operator in case of operational errors and display information on the operational state
  • If the thread cutting function is enabled, the spindle rotation will automatically reverse upon reaching the set depth
  • The high-performance coolant system is enabled at the touchscreen and will be turned on and off as a function of the main spindle.
  • The system features an operating hour counter

Standard Equipment

  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Tapping unit
  • Protective shield
  • Coolant system
  • LED work lamp
  • Operating tools
  • Operator instructions


  • Working Area
    • Drilling capacity: 2.36”
    • Table set up area: 24” x 20”
    • Tapping capacity, steel   M 42
    • Throat: 15”
    • Spindle nose-to-table surface distance: 23”
    • Table swivel range (max.): ± 45°
    • Quill stroke: 10”
    • Column diameter: 8”
    • Spindle nose-to-foot distance: 44”
    • Table stroke: 21”
  • Headstock
    • Spindle mount: MT 5
    • Speed range: 50 - 316, 316 - 2000 rpm
  • Feed
    • Quill feeds: infinitely variable in/R
  • Drive Capacity
    • Motor rating main drive : 5.4 Hp
    • Motor rating coolant pump: 0.2 Hp
    • Motor rating for vertical table travel: 0.5 Hp
  • Measures and Weights
    • Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 41” x 24” x 90”
    • Weight: 2,090 lbs.


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