Knuth 7.4HP FPK 6.3 Toolroom Milling Machine 302341


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This versatile tool-milling machine has become an indispensable part of mechanical production in tool and mold making. The compact design, which offers a lot of flexibility and at the same time is very easy to use, has proven itself many times and has been interpreted in a modern way. Servo drives and ball screws make the machine even more powerful and precise. The entire series is ideally suited for the construction of tools and molds in repair shops as well as training and manufacturing departments.


  • The Machine column made of premium cast-iron, ensures maximum dynamic rigidity and constant precision
  • Precise preloaded ball screws on all axes
  • Ergonomically arranged controls and a swiveling control panel plus standard digital position indicator for maximum operator comfort
  • Both machines feature rigid outer arbor supports for horizontal milling
  • Large work tables and long travels of this compact machine allow a wide range of applications
  • Automatic feed on all axes, infinitely variable, and with fast rapid feed
  • The vertical cutter head swivels, and the quill can be moved manually
  • The infinitely variable main spindle drive with counter gear offers a wide speed range with high torque
  • Extensive accessory package included
  • Central lubrication system is standard equipment
  • The price includes a fully assembled 3-axis position indicator

Standard Equipment

  • Electronic hand-wheels
  • 3-axis position indicator
  • Central lubrication
  • Reducing sleeves MT1, MT2, MT3
  • Collet chuck with collets 0.08,0.12,0.16,0.12,0.24,0.31,0.4,0.48 in
  • Horizontal milling arbor 0.63 in
  • Horizontal milling arbor 0.87 in
  • Cutter arbor, long, 1.06 inch
  • Horizontal milling arbor 1.26 in
  • Counter holder for horizontal milling
  • Chip tray
  • Coolant system
  • Work lamp
  • Pull rod (M16) for horizontal / vertical spindle
  • Level pads and bolts
  • Operating tools
  • Operator manual


  • Working Area
    • Number of T-slots: 7 positions
    • Table dimensions: 18” x 33”
    • Table load capacity (max.): 660 lbs.
    • T-slot (width x spacing): 0.55” x 2.48”
    • Vertical table: 10” x 47”
    • T-slots, vertical table (number): 3 positions
  • Travels
    • Travel X-axis: 23.6”
    • Travel Y-axis: 18”
    • Travel Z-axis: 18”
  • Vertical Milling Spindle
    • Travel pinole: 4”
    • Spindle center - column (min.): 6”
    • Spindle center - column (max.): 26”
  • Vertical Milling Head
    • Angular adjustment of vertical head: ± 90°
  • Rapid Feed
    • Rapid feed X-axis: 47.24”/min
    • Rapid feed Y-axis: 47.24”/min
    • Rapid feed Z-axis: 47.24”/min
  • Feed
    • Work feed X-axis: 0.394”/min - 39.37”/min
    • Work feed Y-axis: 0.394”/min - 39.37”/min
    • Work feed Z-axis: 0.394”/min - 39.37”/min
  • Horizontal Milling Spindle/Vertical Milling Spindle
    • Speed range-stages: 2
    • Speed range: 40 rpm - 2000 rpm
    • Spindle mount: ISO 40
  • Drive Capacity
    • Motor rating main drive: 7.4 Hp
    • Motor rating coolant pump: 0.1 Hp
  • Measures and Weights
    • Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 63” x 71” x 79”
    • Weight: 3,850 lbs.