Mitee-Bite 8" TalonGrip Steel Vise Jaw Set for CNC Mill Vises

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1 Set (2 Pcs.) Mitee-Bite Products LLC Made in USA Brand New 8" TalonGrip Vise Jaw w/Mounting Holes for CNC Mill Vises.Set includes 4 TalonGrips, 1 stop with M5 screws

Mitee-Bite Products introduces a new and innovative product that will increase the functionality of your standard 4 and 6 inch (100mm and 150mm) vises. TalonGrip™ is a simple bolt on system that willallow you to perform aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as .060 (1.5mm) of an inch. Ideal for small lot sizes, difficult applications or proto-type work when building afixture would not be beneficial. TalonGrips™ are also available individually for fixturing with Pitbull® and Dyna-Force® Clamps or for soft jaw applications.


Vise (metric)A (metric)B (metric)C (metric)D (metric)E (metric)
6"/8" (150mm/200mm) 8.0 (200) 2.45 (62.23) 1.25 (31.75) 3.87/4.75 (98.30/120.65) .94/1.218 (23.88/30.94)