Tapmatic Drill-n-Tap 50 W/DN B16


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Self-Reversing tapping attachment for drilling and tapping with high-speed reverse, pre-selective torque control and quick change.

Now you can center drill, drill and tap on your conventional drill press or milling machine using the tapping head for all three steps. Save time by eliminating the need to change from a drill chuck to the tapping head. Our unique design holds drills concentrically.

Tap Capacities:

M3 - M12
#6 - 1/2"


For tapping and drilling
Unique design for improved concentricity
Quick change for rapidly changing the cutting tool
Reduced cycle time when tapping thanks to 1.75 to 1 reverse speed
Less tap breakage due to pre-selective torque control
Adjustable self-feed and hard start for accurate depth control