CMT 800.504.11 6 Piece Router Bit Set

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    Our most frequently used profile bits are specifically coordinated so you always have exactly what you need on hand. These profile set includes 6 pieces. Select the one that best suits your woodworking needs. Organized together in a specially designed Italian hardwood case for safe storage when not in use.
    CMT orange router bits have been rated the #1 overall router bits compared to other brands (Wood Magazine).  CMT orange router bits utilize the highest quality bar stock sourced from Switzerland.  Premium grade sinterhip hi-density industrial chrome carbide helps prevent material failure and increase cutting life.  And finallly, a non-stick orange shield coating prevents heat buildup and corrosion providing for longer router bit life.  


      814.627.11 - round nose (core box) bit, 1/4" radius (1/2" diam), 1/2" shank


      835.817.11 - 2 flute rabbeting bit, 3/8" depth, 1/2" shank


      836.920.11 - 2 flute chamfer bit , 1/2" shank 45 deg. 23/32"cut length


      837.850.11 - 2 flute cove bit, 1/2" radius, 1/2" shank


      838.817.11 - 2 flute round over bit, 3/8" radius, 1/2" shank


    840.850.11 - 2 flute roman ogee bit, 1/4" radius, 1/2" shank