CMT 800.627.11 Tenon Cutting Router Bit


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CMT 800.627.11 Tenon Cutting Router Bit in Hardwood Case, 1/2-Inch Shank, 3-Inch Diameter, Carbide-Tipped

Cut perfectly fitting tenons, every time. If you've struggled cutting tenons that fit, here's the perfect solution for precise tenons. CMT's new tenon cutting router bit will produce perfectly fitting tenons in every board you cut, even if the boards vary slightly in thickness. Simply set the distance between the cutters using the included spacers, and you can easily cut tenons from 4,76 mm (3/16”) to 9,5 (3/8”) thick, up to 27mm (1-1/16”) long. This simple-to-use router bit takes the mystery out of achieving the excellent tenon-to-mortise fit required for high quality joinery.
Safety Precautions: Maximum speed: 12,000 RPM.

CMT orange router bits have been rated the #1 overall router bits compared to other brands (Wood Magazine).  CMT orange router bits utilize the highest quality bar stock sourced from Switzerland.  Premium grade sinterhip hi-density industrial chrome carbide helps prevent material failure and increase cutting life.  And finallly, a non-stick orange shield coating prevents heat buildup and corrosion providing for longer router bit life.