CMT 800.628.11 Tenon Router Bit, 3-Inch Diameter, 1/2-Inch Shank


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Precise tenon cutting router bit, sold separately or as a part of the 3-piece entry & interior door router bit set 800.527.11. To be used for cutting wood and wood products such as plywood. 2 Carbide-tipped cutting edges for long-lasting performance, anti-kickback design to allow you to work safely and bearing for easy template work. Wood magazine rated CMT Orange router bits #1 in overall performance against all other major brands.


  • 1-3/8-Inch Cutting Length, 3-5/16-Inch Overall Length.
  • 2 Hi-Density Carbide cutting edges for long-lasting performance.
  • Anti-kickback design to control the depth of cut and work safely.
  • Cuts tenon easily and effortlessly.


CMT orange bits have been rated the #1 overall router bits compared to other brands (Wood Magazine).  CMT orange router bits utilize the highest quality bar stock sourced from Switzerland.  Premium grade sinterhip hi-density industrial chrome carbide helps prevent material failure and increase cutting life.  And finallly, a non-stick orange shield coating prevents heat buildup and corrosion providing for longer router bit life.