Grizzly G0757 - 9" x 39" 2 HP Horizontal/Vertical Mill with Power Feed

Grizzly Industrial

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With the ability to do either vertical or horizontal milling, this is one of the most versatile milling machines we sell. Even better—the vertical and horizontal spindles each have dedicated motors, so power and ability are not compromised when using either spindle. Convert to the horizontal setup by rotating the headstock 180° on the column and installing either of the two included horizontal arbors. Once in the horizontal configuration, you can do gang milling by installing multiple side and face mills on the arbor at one time, which ultimately can save huge amounts of time. Besides the usual X, Y, Z-axis travel—the table also rotates 45° left and right—providing even more versatility and control for workpiece positioning and travel. For vertical spindle positioning, the headstock tilts 90° left/right, swivels on the column, and has 11" of ram travel. Additionally, this machine features high-precision P5 spindle bearings, a built-in coolant system, halogen worklight, and a wide range of spindle speeds. With such a wide range of versatility and features, we think you'll agree that this machine could be one of the most functional machining centers in any shop!

Made in an ISO 9001 Factory



  • Vertical spindle motor: 3 HP, 220V, Single-phase
  • Horizontal spindle motor: 2 HP, 220V, Single-phase
  • Spindle taper: R-8
  • Spindle travel: 5"
  • Max. distance spindle to column: 26-3/4"
  • Max. distance spindle to table: 14-1/2"
  • Table size: 9-1/2" x 39-3/8"
  • Table travel (longitudinal): 23-1/2"
  • Table travel (cross): 8-1/2"
  • Knee travel (vertical): 12-1/2"
  • Table rotation: 45° left/right
  • Headstock turret or column swivel: 180°
  • Headstock tilt: 90° left/right
  • T-slots: Three 5/8" slots, 3" on center
  • Number of vertical spindle speeds: 9
  • Range of vertical spindle speeds: 285–2300 RPM
  • Number of horizontal spindle speeds: 8
  • Range of horizontal spindle speeds: 72–1300 RPM
  • Overall height: 81-7/8"
  • Base footprint: 35-1/2" x 20"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 2050 lbs.


  • Recycling coolant system
  • Longitudinal power feed
  • High-precision P5 spindle bearings
  • Halogen worklight
  • Arbor adapter, R-8 to MT #3
  • 1" and 1-1/4" horizontal arbors with spacers
  • 1–13mm drill chuck with key and arbor
  • MT #3 to MT #2 adapter sleeve
  • T-bolts with washers and nuts
  • Service tools and tool box