Palmgren 6-Inch 5-Axis Self Centering Machine Vise


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Designed specifically for multi-face machining, the Palmgren 5-Axis Machining Vises are the perfect solution for machining simple to complicated workpieces. Equipped with jaws that provide a work holding solution for a variety of workpieces. With their round style these vises occupy less space and reduce the amount of vise interference.

  • Reduced clamping times through self-centering jaws
  • Jaws specifically designed to hold square, round or odd-shaped parts
  • Unique vise design allows for 5-sided access to the workpiece
  • Symmetrical design allows for accurate machining over multiple axes
  • The low-profile design allows for increased clearance for movements within the machine
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron castings prevent vise bending